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vabeen-plum-Vaping Nicotine Strength
on 27 Jul 2021 1:31 AM

As an alternative to smoking, e-cigarettes have become popular among countless smokers. One of the most important choices you have to make when you begin vaping is related to the nicotine strength in your vape juice. But many smokers have no idea how to choose the right nicotine strength when they transform from smoking to vaping.


However, with so many nicotine strengths to choose from on the market – ordinarily 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, and 24 mg/ml – Which nicotine strength is best for you? Too much nicotine and you won’t enjoy the vaping experience. Having too little nicotine can result in going back to smoking.


There are three significant factors you must take into consideration while choosing the right nicotine strength: Understanding the differences between smoking and vaping; Different vaping devices affect nicotine strength; Smoking habits can determine which nicotine strength to choose.


Choosing Your Right Vaping Nicotine Strength

The nicotine strengths in e-cigarettes may influence the way you enjoy your vaping.

Therefore, there are plenty of factors you must consider when determining the vape nicotine strength that suits you:


The Flavor and Throat Hit of E-juice

Too much nicotine in e-liquids can produce a harsh flavor and bad touch on the throat. Most vapers will choose their favorite vape juice with low nicotine strength that offers a smooth hit and nice flavor.



People who vape sparingly can also accept highly concentrated levels of nicotine. Consuming high nicotine strength too much can cause side effects like nausea or dizziness.


Nicotine Strength Equivalency

The levels of nicotine taken depend not only on the nicotine strength contained in e-liquids but also on the frequency and size of your intake. Determining the right amount that suits you often passes through lots of experimentation.


There are proven nicotine strength of vape juice that offer equivalent smoking experiences:

Zero nicotine (0 mg/mL): preferred by smokers who enjoy vaping nicotine-free e-juices or individuals who plan to quit consuming high-level nicotine e-juices.

3 mg/mL: preferred by light smokers or vapers who quit from high-level nicotine e-liquids.

6 ml/mL: preferred by vaping starters who were previously light to moderate smokers.

12 mg/mL: preferred by vaping starters who were previously heavy smokers.



Vapor Production

Low vapor production

Discreet clouds, similar to the smoke generated by a cigarette. This includes most pod systems on the market, and mouth-to-lung (MTL) tanks with a very tight airflow. High-strength nicotine salts are the most popular choice in this classification. Many e-juice manufacturers have stopped the production of regular nicotine e-liquid at strengths over 6 mg/mL anymore.


Regular nicotine: 9-18 mg/mL

Nicotine salts: 30-60 mg/mL


Medium Vapor Production

Clouds, but not of massive variety. Devices affiliated to this classification can come from any product range, including the pod systems that take sub-ohm coils, the airier MTL (mouth-to-lung) tanks, and sub-ohm tanks that have a restricted lung draw.


● Nicotine salts: 20-30 mg/mL

● Regular nicotine: 6-9 mg/mL



High Vapor Production

Big clouds. This includes powerful sub-ohm tanks and correctable atomizers with large airflow passages. Finding nicotine salts for this category may not be easy, because these devices generate so much vapor that it’s very easy to get massive nicotine quickly. It is easier to find regular nicotine e-juices compared to nicotine salts hence the former is preferred.


Regular nicotine: 1.5-6 mg/mL

Nicotine salts: up to 10 mg/mL


When it comes to quitting smoking, we advise new vapers to try a low vapor device—either a pod system or MTL tank. These will emulate the draw of a cigarette, which may help smokers smoothly transition to vaping.