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Welcome to the VABEEN Authenticator

Thank you for choosing Vabeen products!

Please enter the 16-digit authentication code.

How to verify your Vabeen Product?

Step1: Locate the sticker on your Product

You can find the anti-fake sticker on the packaging. The anti-fake sticker is applied to all VABEEN products. If you can not find the sticker, you might get a counterfeit.


Step2: Find the authentication code

Scratch off the coating, and obtain the 16-digit authentication code.

vabeen authentication codeimage  


Step3: Verfication

Please directly scan the QR code on the label of your packaging by your mobile phone to enter into the verification interface, and then enter the 16-digit authentication code to verify.


Step4: Check pop-up message for authenticity

Here you will be able to read whether you have an authentic Plum pod device or not.


*For your safety, Don’t buy unauthorized products!