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on 22 Sep 2022 10:20 PM


It is well-known that smoking is dangerous to health. And smoking is one of the most harmful things you can do by yourself for your health and is the leading cause of preventable death. Everyone who smokes is suggested to quit, and the vast majority of current smokers would like to actively kick the bad habit out for a healthier lifestyle.

It’s recognized that it is not simple to quit smoking, which is why we offer another option. E-cigarettes or vaping can help you quit smoking more effectively than other methods.

In the article, we've highlighted a few benefits to help you understand it better. Let's take a look at them.


Relatively Safer

Vaping is estimated to be 95% safer than smoking, according to some authorities. E-cigarettes can serve as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. These devices employ e-juices that are far fewer chemicals and less hazardous than cigarette smoke. And the residues such as tar don’t leave in your lungs when you smoke.

Besides, those who switch to vaping will see great health benefits, such as lower blood pressure, improved immune function, and improved lung function.



It is hard to deny that smoking cigarette is an expensive activity. If you give up smoking or switch to vaping, you can save a large amount of money every month. Although you may initially invest a little more in the vape device and relevant accessories, the cost is substantially lower. E-liquids are also at a reasonable price. And you can do a bulk purchase if you’re a heavy vaper. In this way, you’ll sharply slash your yearly costs compared to smoking.


More Options

E-cigarettes are available in a wide range of flavors like fruit, beverage, candy, tobacco, and dessert. And they are sold in a variety of types, such as disposable vape, pod, mod, etc. They can provide you with different experiences and give more possibilities to you.


Help You Quit Smoking

If you sincerely want to quit smoking, vaping is a good option. E-cigarettes have proven to be effective at assisting smokers to cut down or quit for good. And research shows that vaping is almost twice as effective as traditional quitting methods like nicotine gum, patches, and lozenges. In addition, for many smokers, smoking is a tool to reduce pressure, and for others, it’s a social activity. Similarly, vaping can help you to continue the mood and social aspect of smoking, without keeping up a dangerous habit.


No Bad Odor and Vapor doesnt linger like Smoking Smell

E-cigarettes don’t smell bad like smoking cigarettes, and the scent is more acceptable to others. Besides, the vapor exhaled by vapers breaks down within seconds and quickly disappears in the air. But cigarette smoke can last in the air for a long time. The smoking smell can linger on the objects. This is why many smokers find their clothes, hair, walls, curtains, and furniture stained or smelling of tobacco smoke after a while.



Smoking cigarettes have side effect on your health. If you want to quit smoking, you can do it right away. For beginner vapers, they can choose disposable vapes like the Vabeen Flex series or Plum series to go into the vaping world.