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on 08 Apr 2022 9:36 PM


Vapers tongue: what is it?

Have you ever experienced that your tongue suddenly can’t tell you the flavor of vape juice? If so, this means that you have got vapers’ tongue. Vaper’s tongue, also known as vapers’ fatigue, is the condition that vapers unexpectedly and suddenly lose the ability to taste the vape juice. The vapers will feel like their tongue is coated with something that blocks them to distinguish flavors.

This often occurs from frequent vaping for a single flavor. Vaper’s tongue generally lasts for a couple of hours to days, but some vapers on forums have claimed it can persist for a few weeks. However, don’t worry. This is a common phenomenon, and it is temporary. It won’t have an effect on vapor production and nicotine absorption. Most vapers can experience it. It is important for vapers to learn the causes of vapers’ tongues and what to do to get rid of them.


Why does the vaper’s tongue happen?


The reason why we can identify the flavors of a variety of food is that there are 2,000 to 8,000 taste buds distributed on the tongue. But fortunately, the taste buds can regenerate around every ten days. Our sense of taste requires saliva to keep it working normally. Without saliva, your taste buds can’t taste at all. Vaping can sometimes cause a dry mouth simply by frequently using it, which can dry up saliva.


Flavour fatigue 

Flavor fatigue is another cause resulting in you not tasting the e-juice. If you get exposed to an aroma for a very long time, you’ll be likely to lose the ability to smell it. It is well known that the aroma makes up 70% of perceived flavor. Your sense of smell, also called olfactory sense, works together with your taste buds for full flavor perception. For example, for two different flavors of the same type, such as apple and banana, it is hard to tell the difference without aroma.



The final reason why so many vapers are experiencing vaper’s tongues is due to smoking. Smoking is harmful to your mouth’s health. If you only quit recently, or if you still continue to smoke, your taste buds can be influenced, and your sense of taste will be dulled. This symptom can be cured after you quit, normally it will take less than a month to recover, then you can get rid of the vaper’s tongue and enjoy beautiful flavors again.


How to get a grid of vapers tongue?

Drink water regularly. If you vape often, you’d better drink more to keep your mouth moist and salivating. Regardless of dry mouth or any other health problem, drinking more water is always the first recommendation.


Stop smoking. Traditional cigarettes contain some ingredients that can do harm to your oral health, so quitting smoking is one of the best things to keep your health, including oral health such as tasting ability.


Clean your tongue. It is also necessary to keep your tongue clean, which not only reduces the damage to the taste buds caused by the bacteria from the food residue but also having a clean tongue can ensure you get a better vaping experience. Brushing your tongue regularly can help you remove the film that accumulates on your tongue.


Drinking less caffeine or alcohol. The two chemicals are classified as diuretics, which can make you urinate more frequently. This will accelerate the dehydration of your body, leading to dry mouth and causing vaper’s tongue. If you often experience a dry mouth, in addition to drinking more water, it also advises you to limit the consumption of these two materials.


Take longer breaks between your vapes. When you realize you have vaper’s tongue, temporarily stop vaping until you get your taste sensations back. The length of the recovering time depends on individuals. If you are a chain vaper, one of the ways to cut back on vape time is to increase your nicotine level. A higher nicotine level should satisfy you for a longer period without needing another hit. If you don’t want to increase your nicotine strength, just take longer breaks between your vapes to give your taste buds a rest.


Switch another flavor. If you always vape the same flavor, your taste buds might get off it before you realize it. Try some new flavors, especially ones with a big difference in taste from your old one. For instance, try a tobacco flavor if you usually vape fruity or beverage vape device, vice versa.


Try an iced or frozen flavor. The menthol flavor is a good choice. Even if you’re not into menthol flavors, it might be exactly what you need right now. Menthol can stimulate your senses without smelling it or tasting it. The mentholated vapes can help your taste buds reset their function.