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on 28 Sep 2022 4:46 AM


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced vaper, knowing which vape device is right for you can be difficult. Since the establishment of Vabeen, it has launched a variety of disposable vape kits such as the Plum series and Flex series. In this article, we’ll give you a run-down of our Flex series of vape kits, what performance they feature, what flavors they’re available, and who they’re for.



Flex disposables are pen-style vape devices, and their surface is very glossy. They are a bit different from other disposables on the market due to the fact that they feature a built-in filter and a soft mouthpiece. This allows the Flex to deliver a purer and smoother taste. The mouthpiece is made of food-safe silicone that can offer nipple softness, bringing a wonderful vaping experience.


Flex disposable come prefilled with 4ml e-liquid in 20mg(2%) or 50mg(5%) nicotine salt strength and they house a 700mAh battery to ensure that the e-liquid runs out. Each Flex can last for about 1000 puffs.


The throat hit from the Flex is awesome and the flavor is pure and smooth. There are ten flavors available, most of which are fruit flavors, and menthol flavor is also available. The great flavor options include Aloe Grape, Sour Apple, Strawberry & Banana, Honeydew Punch, Blue Razz, Strawberry & Cream, Peach Mango Watermelon, Pineapple Ice, Menthol, and Lush Ice.



Soft mouthpiece

1000 puffs

Built-in filter

Slim and glossy

Delivers good flavor and throat hit

10 flavors to choose from

Affordably priced



Flex Nano

Flex Nano and Flex are almost the same – design and build quality, performance, and flavor, but Flex Nano is shorter than Flex. They’re also very small and lightweight so it’s easy to slip them into your pocket. The Flex Nano is particularly great for stealth vaping.

Each Flex Nano disposable vape pen can last for 500 puffs. They vape just like Flex so you’ll get the same great throat hit and pleasant draw. They also feel great in the hand thanks to their glossy metal finish. And it has the same flavor options as the Flex.



Soft mouthpiece

Built-in filter

Extremely compact

Nice flavor and good throat hit

10 flavors to choose from

Affordably priced



Flex Pro

Flex Pro is the upgraded version of the Flex series. The new disposable gets three big upgrades – performance, puff count, design, and build quality.


Each Flex Pro comes prefilled with 7ml of e-liquid in 2% or 5% nicotine strength and packs an 850mAh large battery, which can last for up to 2500 puffs. The disposable features adjustable airflow which allows you to switch from a looser MTL draw to a tighter MTL draw at will.


Like other FLEX Series, the FLEX PRO also features a soft mouthpiece that gives you a more comfortable draw. The disposable uses metal material, covered with metallic coating and rubberized finish, presenting a simple and stylish elegance. With ergonomic design that fits perfectly in your hand and is better to hold.


The vape kit comes in 15 different and tasty flavors. If you’re a fruit flavor lover, you will definitely like the flavor choices. They also have mint tobacco, menthol and rainbow flavor. Some must-try flavors are Raspberry Watermelon, Blue Razz Lemonade, Grape Ice, Sour Apple Ice, Honeydew Pineapple Orange, and Peach Ice Cream.



Soft mouthpiece

Adjustable airflow

2500 puffs

Comfortable hand feel

15 flavor options

850mAh battery



Flex Air

Different from other Flex series, the Flex Air is a box-style disposable vape device with new look and well construction. Following in the footsteps of the Flex Series, the box also adopts a soft silicone mouthpiece that is flat to fit your lips perfectly. They are draw-activated and compact. Equipped with the all-new VFEELING coil, the device can deliver a pleasant, smooth and satisfying draw. The leading futuristic LED light shines bright when you take a draw, as if plenty of shooting stars across the sky, creating a stunning visual effect.


Each device holds 12ml of e-liquid and will last for about 5,000 puffs so you can enjoy the vape for roughly two weeks. It has a 500mAh battery that can be recharged through the Type-C charging port.


There are 15 different flavors to choose from, among them most are fruit options. There are also menthol and mint tobacco flavors, drink flavors, candy flavor, and more. Some must-try flavors include their Strawberry Ice Cream, Mint Tobacco, Mango Passion Fruit, Raspberry Cherry Lemon, and Grapefruit Kiwi Ice.




5000 puffs

Type-C fast charging

Soft and flat mouthpiece

Compact box design

LED light

 Very satisfying throat hit
 Smooth draw




If vaping seems like an attractive alternative to smoking but you’re unsure which vape device to begin, then the Flex series of vape kits are great for you. Offering everything you need to start or continue your journey with Vabeen’s vape products, they come with excellent performance and a variety of amazing flavors to try.