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on 15 Sep 2022 1:21 AM



How Long can Vabeen Vape Last?

It highly depends on how often you use it. Vabeen vape products include disposable vapes and pod systems, and refillable vape pods. They last longer than most disposables on e-cigarettes. For example, the Plum, Plum Lite, and Plum Max will last you 5,000 puffs, 3,000 puffs, and 6,800 puffs respectively, while the Flex, Flex Nano, and Flex Pro will last you 1,000 puffs, 500 puffs, 2,500 puffs respectively. Everyone can find their preferred device.


Are Vabeen Vapes Safe to Use?

Sure. They are safe to use. These disposable vapes have been strictly tested in our high-standard lab before delivery. They have got CE, FCC, RoHS, and other product certificates. The devices feature multiple safety protection, such as short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, low voltage protection, and charging protection.

Besides, the E-liquid inside the device also has been rigorously tested and complied with international standards. Remember that all Vabeen vape products are only created for adult users who are trying to quit smoking.


How Do I Know When My Vabeen Vape is Finished?

When the flavor starts to deteriorate or no vapor is being produced, you should make sure the battery is dead or not. It’s time to replace your Vabeen vape with a new one after the battery is full in charge.

Additionally, every Vabeen vape features a LED light that will flash to tell you when the device has run out of e-liquid, and it is time to replace it with a new one.

Thanks to the vaping habit varied in persons, it’s difficult to know how long the vape will actually last you. For example, it claims that the Plum will last for about 5,000 puffs. Everyone can use the vape for roughly 2 weeks. If you are a heavy smoker, the disposable should last less than 2 weeks.


Can I Refill A Vabeen Vape?

In general, no disposable vapes are made to be refilled. Once they are finished, you can directly dispose of them. However, Vabeen latest launched a refillable vape pen, Plum Pi. The Plum Pi is similar to disposable vape in design. It’s all-in-one design, but the mouthpiece can be taken out. So you can fill the tank from the top. The Plum Pi can be refilled 4-6 times, the equivalent of 10m-15ml e-liquid you can enjoy.


What Are the Most Popular Flavors of Vabeen Vape?

Each Vabeen vape product has various flavors to choose from, the majority of which are fruit flavors, there are also mint, beverage, and tobacco flavors. With so many flavor options, you may feel a little confused. Here are some suggestions. If you're looking for a fruity blend, Strawberry Kiwi, Peach Mango Watermelon and Raspberry Watermelon are your must-try flavor. Alternatively, if you're searching for an entirely fruit-based flavor, the Lush Ice, Grape Ice, and Sour Apple Ice are popular choices. Finally, if you're looking for something a little unusual, try rainbow, mint tobacco, and Crème Cigars. Whichever one you choose, they’re available in 20mg and 50mg of nicotine strength, providing a good throat hit and excellent flavor.


How to Authenticate My Vabeen Vape Pen?

To verify your product, please click this link:


How Do You Dispose Of Vabeen Vape?

The Vabeen disposable vapes have lithium-ion batteries inside, so you can’t dispose of them like your normal household waste. Otherwise, it may be harmful to the environment.

Batteries must be thrown out in an electronic waste bin or taken to a battery recycling point which can be found in supermarkets or recycling centers.