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on 19 Apr 2022 10:00 PM


E-cigarettes have a huge impact in helping many people quit smoking, but they can pose a threat to the environment if they are not disposed of properly. E-cigarettes are mainly composed of rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries, a coil that heats up the e-liquid, and a tank or cartridge that contains e-liquid. The waste created by e-cigarettes and e-liquid should not be thrown in the regular trash. In the long term, this waste will be eventually harmful to the environment.

Disposable vape kits and pre-filled pods are single-use. Once they are empty, you need to dispose of them. We think that there are possibly lots of vapers looking for ways to recycle disposable e-cigarettes. The following article will tell you how to recycle the e-cigarette properly.


How to safely recycle the e-cigarettes  

1)Search the related official rules. Check with your state and local environmental agencies for rules and guidance about the disposal of your e-cigarette and e-liquid waste.


2)Dismantle the vape device. The e-cigarettes can be separated into several parts, most of which can be recycled. You should separate the vape device first as recycling companies can’t process them whole. Then remove the battery before disposal. E-cigarettes, especially the more expensive ones such as pod mod or box mod, usually have an external battery, so it is easy to remove the battery. And their other parts are also easy to separate from one another.


3)Remove the battery. Batteries are toxic. You can’t mix it with other general waste and throw them in the trash. Because the chemicals inside the battery can pollute the water and destroy the protective layer around landfills, which also can harm human health. You should keep the battery in a separate hazardous bin. But disposable vape kits are all-in-one. Perhaps it is tricky to remove the battery of disposable vape kits and pre-filled pods. You should utilize some tools to help you.


4)Rinse the cartridge or tank. The used cartridges or tanks can be harmful due to e-liquid residue if you improperly dispose of them. Some disposable vape devices don’t have enough battery life to make sure that they last down to the last drop of e-liquid. You’d better rinse them carefully with water before recycling or disposing of them.


5)Separate the metals. Due to the way they’re made, disposable vape kits are usually made of plastic or metallic material. Metallic shells, coils,s, and other metal parts can be recycled. So you need to remove them. Then what is left is the plastic parts. You can put them in recycling bins for plastic. If you are keen to recycle objects, it certainly requires a bit of effort, but you’ll find it is worth it.


6)Recycling plastic. Industry's plastic waste is hard to tackle and can pose a great threat to our environment. Therefore, the recycling of plastic material is very necessary. Additionally, you should know that plastic is made from oil, so recycling plastic can save fuel and other natural resources.


How to reduce the impact on the environment

While there are some flaws in the way we dispose of e-cigarettes, we can do something to extend the vape life of your vape kit so as to create less waste. So keep in mind the following when purchasing and using vape devices will help a lot.


If you are using disposable vape kits, figuring out the disposable vape with ultra-large e-liquid capacity and rechargeable capability is great for you to whittle down the waste in the long term. Vabeen’s Plum disposable vape kits hold 12ml e-liquid and will last for up to 5000 puffs. This is equivalent to 6 packs of other disposable vape pods.