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on 18 May 2022 2:06 AM


Have you had an issue with disposable vapes? Disposable vapes can suddenly develop issues that will have an impact on your vaping experience. The following article will discuss what problems you may have and how to solve them.


Get a Burnt Flavor

If your disposable vape is producing a burnt taste, it’s best to slow down. It is important to learn how disposable vapes work. When you take a draw from the mouthpiece, the battery is activated to provide power to the coil that is wrapped around a cotton wick. The coil can heat up the e-liquid that is saturated by the wick to generate vapor. If you are vaping so quickly, the wick may not absorb enough e-liquid before your next draw. This could burn your coil and deliver a terrible taste. You perhaps need to give the vape device more minutes so that the wick is fully saturated. At the same time, overheating is another factor. You should not leave your disposable vape in your car during hot weather or under direct sunlight.

Besides, it is possible that the device has no e-liquid inside. At that time, you should dispose of it and get a new one.


LED Indicator Blinking

Disposable vapes usually come with a LED indicator to tell you the battery’s status. They feature a low battery warning. In general, it will flash white when you take a draw every time. It is time to charge the battery when the LED light’s color changes. They usually turn red when you are inhaling. Even with a low battery, the vape device can still let you vape several puffs. Sometimes, the disposable is non-rechargeable, so you should dispose of it when its battery runs out.


No Vapor Production

1)No E-liquid Inside. The disposable vapes are single-use and could not be pre-filled with e-liquid. When your disposable vapes stop producing vapor, it is most likely that you have run out of e-juice. Some disposables are designed with a transparent e-juice window to gauge how much e-juice is left. With this, you can know whether the disposable vape is out of e-liquid. For some without windows to check the e-juice level, you can estimate according to the disposables’ puff amounts. For example, Vabeen’s Flex allows for up to 1000 puffs and will last you 4-5 days. But notably, you may not get as much with extremely deep inhales.


2)Dead Battery. If your disposable vape doesn’t produce vapor and has worked normally several hours ago, the other factors involved could be the dead battery if it is not out of e-liquid. A disposable e-cigarette will always stop hitting when the battery is dead. Usually, disposable vapes are built with batteries that can ensure the e-liquid runs out. So if your vape device’s battery runs out, the pod or tank is most likely empty as well. It should be disposed of. And you should get a new vape device.



Leakages are a terrible problem for vapers when they use any vaping devices. This may be caused by deep draws. When you draw too hard, the excess e-liquid will go into the heating coil. The extra will go into your mouth or mouthpiece through the vaping device’s air inlet. Either condition can be an unpleasant experience. For this, avoiding taking too many puffs can ensure the e-liquid stays where it should. For pod-based devices, refrain from squeezing the sides. This could cause the pod to flex and make excess e-juice into the heating coil.