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on 21 Feb 2022 9:32 PM


Knowing when our vape pod is running out is a very important thing for beginners. This highly depends on how often you vape it. If you vape the e-cigarette very regularly, you may know when you should replace a vape pod. But for irregular vapers? There are several ways to tell you the e-liquid volume, which is associated with the device brand and the cartridge itself.


A variety of vape pods feature transparent or translucent cartridges. The best way to tell when the vape pod is empty is to turn it upside down and see how much e-liquid is left. Some vape devices can allow you to directly see where the e-juice level is. But it is impossible to see the e-liquid volume for many vape pens that have non-visible tanks. The following article will tell you another way to know when the vape pod is empty.


How to tell when a vape pod is empty?

Dry Hits

A dry hit, in most cases, is caused by the fact that your vape coil isn’t properly saturated with e-juice, or you may vape the e-cigarette so frequently. It will unleash the ungodly heat to blast the back of your throat, and the vapor will be irritating to inhale. When the last drop of e-liquid in the tank or cartridge has been vaporized, the vape coil is attempting to vaporize the air or nothing. In addition to the burnt taste, this can also cause damage to your vape device, such as a burnt coil, or harm the battery. Then you may need to replace or repair your vape device.

The dry hit is not a pleasant vaping experience, and I guess that every vaper wants to avoid it. So how can you avoid dry hits? You should always make sure that your vape coil is properly saturated with e-juice or change your cartridge before the last drops of e-liquid have been vaporized.


Less Vapor Production

If you start to notice that your vape pod is emitting smaller amounts of vapor during normal use than the relatively higher volumes you’ve used to get. And despite your efforts, it still produces little vapor. This can indicate that it is time to replace or refill your vape pod. If the vape pod continues to work, you may get dry hits that could bring you a burnt taste.


Less or No Flavor

When you inhale the vapor from a vape device, the vapor has less flavor than usual or nothing, even the burnt taste, which can indicate that the tank or cartridge is almost empty. This will usually be something you notice alongside dry hits or less vapor production.

This is very easy to understand. When you are vaping with a low volume of e-juice in the tank or cartridge, the e-juice’s flavor can get diluted throughout the vapor. Thus, the taste is less intense. If there isn’t enough e-juice in the tank or cartridge, the vape coil can’t be saturated properly, and thus there is not sufficient vape juice to vaporize. You are likely to get a dry hit or less flavor.

Although this surely generates a less satisfying vaping experience, it's not nearly as bad as what will happen when the vape pod runs out of e-juice. Therefore, when the flavor becomes weaker than it should be, you should notice the early warning sign and refill your tank or replace a vape pod before the vape juice runs out entirely.