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on 23 Dec 2022 1:36 AM

Flex Pro is a popular disposable vape by Vabeen. Different from Flex and Flex Nano, Flex Pro is a disposable vape featuring airflow control and stylish appearance. Equipped with newly upgraded atomization core technology, it brings you an excellent vaping experience with pure and smooth taste. It is the perfect choice for traveling, road trips or daily use.


Long-lasting Satisfaction, Up to 2500 Puffs

Flex Pro features 7ml of 5% nicotine salt e-liquid and packs a 850mAh battery. The disposable vape will deliver up to 2500 puffs, which can last for 5-6 days. It can’t be recharged, so you can just dispose of it when the device is finished.


Dainty and Portable, Enjoyment for All

Flex Pro is designed with a cylindrical body, ergonomic and portable. It nicely fits into your palm of the hand, ideal for on-the-go vaping. Thus, you can take it around with you to enjoy an exceptional vaping experience anytime and anywhere. Vape it, feel it and love it.


Big Upgrade, Pro Performance

Designed for customized vaping experience, Flex Pro features an airflow controller at the bottom. There are four air holes, so you can precisely control the air intake volume for your preferred airflow. You just need to rotate the airflow controller to enjoy tighter or looser MTL draw. And this device can be held in hand to toy with for more fun.


Ultra-satisfying Taste, Refresh You

This disposable is sleek and stylish, and every detail shows its unique charming. Flex Pro integrates ingenious craftsmanship, extraordinary design and fashion elements, bringing you unprecedented vaping experience.

Empowered by the latest atomization technology, it offers the higher restoring taste and the authentic flavor of e-juice, ensuring the more lasting freshness of the taste, and every puff is full of surprises. It’s available in 15 tasty flavor options to meet the preferences of different users.


Skin-friendly Touch, Soft Mouthpiece Design

Flex Pro has premium design and craftsmanship. The metallic body with metal primer and rubberized coating delivers an excellent touch and elegant appearance. The rounded mouthpiece uses soft rubber material that gives you a more comfortable vaping experience.


About Vabeen

Vabeen is a popular and energetic vape brand. We hope to bring a more pleasant, healthier vaping experience to global adult smokers with cutting-edge technology and innovative vape devices. Our slogan is “Vabeen Feeling, Refresh Anytime”. We are committed to building premium vape devices to provide the ultimate sensory experience for you. These devices can give you extraordinary feelings from all aspects, such as look, feel, and flavor, refreshing your spirit for a better day.