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on 11 Mar 2022 2:27 AM


In the long term, vaping is not only safer but cheaper than smoking. There is still a big cost for vaping. We have found some ways to help you vape on budget.


Choose a cost-effective vape device

Vaping devices are available in a variety of types, including cig-a-likes, vape pens, mods, pod mods, and disposable vapes. Advanced vape devices such as mods and pod mods generally feature completed settings and advanced performance. They may have a bulky size and good look, come with higher power and versatile features such as adjustable airflow, adjustable wattage, and wide coil resistances. The devices will generate stronger throat hits and bigger clouds.

The pod or disposable vape such as Vabeen Plum Lite can also provide a satisfying flavor and good throat hit for you. They have no other completed setting and are at a much lower price, ideal for those who are new to vaping.


MTL vaping

The way you vape can also have an effect on your spending on vaping. In the long term, choosing Mouth-to-lung(MTL) vaping style or a Mouth-to-lung device can save your money compared to Direct-to-lung(DTL). Many reasons can account for this.

First, DTL vaping generally requires a more powerful vape device. And a DTL vape device usually costs a lot. Second, DTL vaping devices will produce bigger vapor clouds, which means more e-liquid can be consumed quickly. Third, DTL coils often last shorter than MTL coils. It means that the coils need to be replaced more often and you will spend more.


Purchase in bulk

Bulk purchasing is a great money-saving method. Like anything you purchase in bulk, buying a vape device or its related accessories in bulk can save more money in the long run. Disposable vapes have a variety of flavors to choose from. You perhaps get a discount or giving if you buy in bulk.

If you use an open pod system, you are available to change out the e-liquid, tank, battery and coils. I believe that you will start to have a good idea of which flavor you like and how much e-liquid you’ll consume, and so on. You can cut costs when buying e-liquid or coil in bulk.


Large-capacity disposable, refillable tank, replaceable coil

If you are new to vaping, you may need a hassle-free and easier way to help you stop smoking. The disposable vapes like the Vabeen Flex or Flex Nano that come prefilled with e-liquid and a fully charged battery are a great option. Besides, you can also choose disposable vapes that hold a large capacity of e-liquid such as Vabeen Plum. These kinds of vape devices tend to last you weeks. And in the long term, it costs less than the disposable vapes with a small e-liquid capacity.

Additionally, a refillable vape pod or device with a replaceable coil is also a great solution. They not only save your money but also offer you more options while you select the e-liquid and coil resistance.


Vape properly to increase the lifespan of the coil

Vape coils also have a limited lifespan. But we can utilize some methods to improve the coil life. It is noted that a burnt coil will give you a horrible taste, which also means you need to spend a sum of money to buy a new one. The longer your coils last, the less often you need to replace them. Doing good maintenance for your coils will help them last longer and save your money.

If you want to increase the coil life, you should make sure that the coil is primed properly. And then, you also should use e-liquids with the right ratio of VG: PG for your coil. Finally, keep the coil always saturated so as to prevent it from dry hits or burnt out.