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on 23 Dec 2022 2:11 AM

Vaping is a very excellent experience for vapers. There is nothing more frustrating than a vape that isn’t working. But don’t worry, there may be a simple explanation. The experts at Vabeen will explain how to fix a disposable vape and get your vape working longer. In this article, we’ve listed all the most frequently reported issues of disposable vapes right here. These fixes apply to most disposable vapes on the market today, so try these out before you throw your brand-new disposable in the garbage! Check out our list of common problems below and how to solve them. 


Are Disposable Vapes not Working?

If your vape device isn’t working, there may be possible fixes to try:


1. Check if the battery is dead

If your vape isn’t working, you can check the charge or level of your battery. Most disposable vapes come with a LED light or indicator to show the status when the device is charging and using. If your device is not rechargeable, you can’t do too much for a dead battery. 

If your vape is rechargeable, ensure it is charged(at least 10 minutes). Pay attention to whether this causes any light to come on. If the device’s light remains out even when charging, this may be an unhappy result.


2. Check the e-juice level

Another key factor that affects disposable vapes to function normally is the e-juice level. Although vape manufacturers often provide a suggested ‘puff count’, this is based on average use. If you hit your vape longer or harder, it is possible that the e-juice will be exhausted faster.

For most disposable vapes, it can be difficult to check the e-juice level. If the e-juice runs out, you’ll get a burnt or harsh taste. At that time, you need to purchase a new one.

3. Check Airflow

Check AirflowMany vapes have small air holes that allow air to flow into your device. And since the airflow is usually located on the bottom or the side of the vape device, you have to be careful how you hold them or you can accidentally block the airflow. 


The Device won’t charge?

Most disposable vapes feature a LED light to indicate when it is charging. When plugged in, is your device’s LED light turning on? If not, you can try a different cable or socket. Besides, sometimes dust, dirt or other hard-to-see debris can affect the charging. You can use a cotton ball, a shaved toothpick or a paper towel to clean the charging ports. 


What does it mean when my disposable vape blinks?

When the indicator light blinks red, it indicates low battery. If you are getting weak hits, this is likely the case. So it is time to charge your battery.


Why my disposable vape taste burnt?

A burn hit usually occurs when you take frequent puffs. If you vape faster than the vape juice was soaked into your wick, you'll end up burning the wick, resulting in a scorched flavor. You can put it upside down and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. This can make the wick saturated appropriately.

Additionally, the low e-juice level in your device could also affect the taste. You need to get a new device.


My vape is leaking

Leaking may occur from changes in air pressure or extreme temperature. If you leave a vape device in a hot environment or expose it to direct sunlight, this can cause your device to leak out. Always remember to store your disposable vapes in places that are away from extreme temperature fluctuations.

Avoid your device falling from a high place, or onto a hard surface. This might loosen or crack the inner tank or other components and cause them to leak.


Can you refill a disposable vape?

Generally, the disposable vape is intended for one-time use. But it is technically possible to refill a disposable vape. If you want to try refilling it, you can follow these steps.

1)Open the vape pen by unscrewing the mouthpiece.

2)Use a syringe to fill the tank with e-juice.

3)Screw the mouthpiece back into the device.

If you want to refill your vaping device, you’d better buy a device designed for that.   


Reliable and Quality Products


Plum: Backed by Vabeen’s know-how, the Plum Disposables come prefilled with 12ml e-juice and each one will last 5000 puffs. These devices adopt a Mesh coil that delivers great flavor and rich vapor. There are 15 flavors available, most of which are fruit flavors. Besides, these devices have an extremely low-defective rate as each disposable is vigorously tested at the factory before being packed and shipped out.


Billow: Billow receives wide recognition in the vape market once released. It comes with a whopping 18ml of e-juice and a 500mAh battery, good for up to 7500 puffs. Shaped like a flagon, the Billow has a very small size and cute look and features adjustable airflow and a dust-proof cap. They are available in 15 great flavors.


Flex Air: The Flex Air is a perfect boxy disposable vape. Each Flex Air contains 12ml of e-juice, with a 500mAh battery that’s good for up to 5000 puffs. The big highlights of this product are the soft rubber mouthpiece and futurist indicator light design. It can deliver a very satisfying taste and a nice throat hit. There are 15 tasty flavors to choose from.