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Sales of vape products to minors are prohibited. Vabeen products are only sold to adult smokers. Read the following information before use.


The VABEEN products contain nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Please read all the information on this page before you use our products. Keep this information as your reference. Failure to follow the instructions and notice the warnings may result in injury and damage. Using VABEEN products for any other purpose or method aside from the information in this page is dangerous, and you will do so at your own risk.


For more information regarding safety and the proper use of the VABEEN products, please check the packaging information of the product you purchased. VABBEN products are only intent for adult vape users. 



1.Nicotine is a very addictive chemical. Depending on your use, there is a chance that you may be exposed to higher levels of nicotine if you use VABEEN products more than your usual consumption of tobacco products.

2.The brain of young people is more vulnerable to addiction to nicotine. This is why young people should not gain access to VABEEN products. Exposure to nicotine may cause long-term effects on the brain. 

3. There is no tobacco product that is free from risks or deemed safe. Health risks connected with using VABEEN products have also not been fully established. The use of VABEEN products may expose you to chemicals that may cause health problems, especially when you don’t follow the products’ intended use. For more information, consult your doctor.

4.If you are using any kind of medication, you should consult your doctor first before using VABEEN products.

5.If you have any allergies, please check the list of ingredients that we have or consult your doctor.


* VABEEN Product are not suitable for the following persons.

1)Underage person

2)A person with allergies to any of the listed ingredients

3)Pregnant women

4)Persons who cannot use tobacco products because of underlying medical conditions

5)Breastfeeding women

6)VABEEN do not recommend adult non-smokers to use our products.