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on 24 Sep 2022 5:17 AM


What is a Box Disposable?

Recently, box disposables become an increasingly popular option for vape enthusiasts. These devices are box-shaped disposable vape products. They also come in a wide range of styles, capacities, and constructions. You can always find one to match your needs and budget.


A box disposable also has the advantages of other disposable vape. They hold much more e-juice and last much longer than other small disposable. The box disposables are draw-activated to use. It’s designed in a box shape, but not so bulky as the box mods. The devices are also compact, light, and portable.


What is a Box Mod?

Box mods vary from other vape devices in designs, structures, and performances. They are bigger and bulkier than other vapes. Typically, box mods come with larger wattage, making them more powerful.

Designed with many advanced features, box mods give you full control of your vaping experience. Adjustable wattage, adjustable airflow, and replaceable coil give you more possibility in vapor production and vaping style. We know that these devices usually packed larger batteries that can last you longer than vape pens or other small vapes. With different coil options and other functions available on your device, you can enjoy different experience to match your style.

Additionally, some box mods feature a screen to offer more customizability and versatility, such as changing screen color, puff count limits, and real-time battery life. And some mods feature waterproof, shockproof performance.


Box Disposables VS Box Mods

Easy to Use: Box disposables are a great choice for beginners or inexperienced vapers because they have limited features and are very user-friendly. Like common disposable vapes, these devices have no button or any other complicated settings. No refilling or maintenance is required. Simply put the mouthpiece into your mouth to inhale and enjoy your flavorful vapor.

For box mods, it is more complicated, and you have much more to learn because they have multiple features and components. Box mods provide more personalized experiences for vapers. So you’d better do some research into box mods or vape mods before purchasing because of their complexity. They are ideal for experienced vapers or veterans.


PortabilityThough box disposables are box-shaped but a lot lighter. They are compact enough to fit into the palm of your hand and can nicely slip into your pocket. Some devices are even designed with a lanyard to make it possible to hang around your neck. But for box mods, they are fairly larger and a lot heavier than box disposables. Certain box mods can be stored in your pocket or bag but are so bulkier. They are more suitable to use at home instead on-the-go.


Battery Life: Box disposables have built-in batteries, meaning there’s no extra cost for an additional battery. They usually support Type-C charging or are non-rechargeable. Additionally, these devices are typically used on a lower wattage, which means they consume less power every time. The batteries used in vape mods are usually external, which means you may need to buy an extra one. Box mods feature larger wattage and will use more power, allowing you to get more flavor and richer vapor.


Pricing: Box disposables usually cost much less than box mods. The additional features and advanced performance that box mods provide usually mean a lot higher price. With many vape mods, you’ll also have to buy the battery separately. Besides, you’ll also have to pay extra money for the e-liquid when using box mods.


Durability: Since some box disposables are smaller and made of plastic material, they tend to be less durable. But there are still many using premium metallic materials like stainless steel and Aluminium alloy. Box mods are considered more durable because they are larger and crafted from more sturdy materials such as Zinc alloy.


TankBox disposables are pre-filled with e-liquid, and they can hold more e-liquid than other smaller disposables. Generally, these devices can deliver above 4000+ puffs without refills required.

Vape mods are highly customizable, the tanks can be changed as long as they use the same connector thread. There’s also the added option to change to an RDA or RTA tank from a standard tank that takes pre-built coils. The majority of vape mods use sub-ohm tanks, which means you can use direct-to-lung vaping without getting a harsh throat hit. Most vape pens are mouth-to-lung devices, which is similar to how a cigarette is smoked. Direct-to-lung provides you the benefit of getting a greater hit with more flavor and more nicotine intake per hit. 

The last key difference between tanks on vape pens and vape mods is the airflow. When you inhale, you draw in air to help the vapor move up the mouthpiece, an adjustable airflow is usually found on tanks for vape mods. However, vape pens have only started introducing this feature so it’s important to look out for that feature when you’re shopping around.


Best box disposable vapes


The BILLOW is a truly cute box-style disposable vape that features airflow control and a Type-C charging port. It feels so nice in the palm of your hand. The disposable box is prefilled with 18ml e-juice that should last for up to 7,500 puffs. Engineered with a new-generation VFEELING coil, the BILLOW can deliver the ultimate flavor experience from the first puff till the last. The long-lasting battery life can make sure the device is finished.


*18ml E-liquid(up to 7,500 Puffs)

*Adjustable Airflow  

*Type-C Fast Charging

*New generation of VFEELING Coil

*Cute Size & Skin-friendly Feel

*Dust-proof Cap

* Upgraded Leakage-free Technology



Flex Air

The Flex Air is a very compact disposable vape box. The ergonomic mouthpiece, made of soft silicone, is very comfortable to use. Equipped with an all-new VFEELING coil, it delivers a consistent rich flavor till the last hit. The stylish LED light will glow brightly when you take a draw, as if plenty of shooting stars across the sky, creating a stunning visual effect.

*12ml E-liquid(up to 5,000 Puffs)

*Type-C Fast Charging

*New generation of VFEELING Coil

*Futurist LED Light

*Compact Size

*Soft Silicone Mouthpiece

*Upgraded Leakage-free Technology