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vabeen plum vs plum lite
on 22 Sep 2021 9:50 PM


Recently, Vabeen has launched our new vape device, the Plum Lite. We will make a comparison between our first device, the Plum, and our newest device, the Plum Lite. The following can help you better understand which device is right for you.


Overall Functional Design

The Plum is a long-lasting disposable vape with stylish and minimalistic design. Each Plum comes prefilled with 12ml of 5% nicotine salt e-juice and will last for up to 5000 puffs. They are draw-activated for easy use and deliver an excellent mouth-to-lung draw. This allows you to vape longer on a single disposable vape and makes it a money-saving option. The device uses food-grade PCTG, which makes the device very lightweight and provides worry-free use. It packs a 400mAh battery and ensures that the last drop of e-liquid can be used up. To charge the Plum disposable vape, just plug in a Type-C cable.

vabeen plum

The Plum Lite is a stealth disposable vape with small size and large capacity. It holds 7.5ml of 5% nicotine salt e-juice and will last for around 3000 puffs. The vape device adopts stainless steel, designed with gradient colors. They feel great in the hand due to the ergonomic design and smooth surface. The Plum Lite also packs a 400mAh battery, which can be fully charged via a Type-C cable. Like other disposables, there’s no filling, charging or other maintenance required.

vabeen plum lite


Vabeen Plum: All-in-one vape, 12ml e-juice, up to 5000 puffs, PCTG, Type-C charging, and 400mAh battery. 

Vabeen Plum Lite: Unibody vape, 7.5ml e-juice, up to 3000 puffs, stainless steel, Type-C charging, and 400mAh battery.



Flavors and Colors Options

For Plum vape, there is an abundance of available flavors, including Aloe Grape, Pineapple Peach Mango, Strawberry Banana, Honeydew Punch, Blueberry, Watermelon Ice, Strawberry Cream, Banana Ice, Peach Mango Watermelon, Pineapple Ice, Menthol and Creme Cigars. With 12 flavors, you can find what you like. Additionally, there are 12 color options with gradient designs.


For Plum Lite, we provide 10 well-selected flavor options based on user preferences, including Menthol, Energize, Strawberry Cream, Strawberry Kiwi, Blue Raspberry, Tropical, Honeydew Punch, Peach Mango Watermelon, Watermelon Ice, Cool Lemon. I guess that everyone can find their favorite. As for the colors, you can also find 10 colors with special hollowed pattern design.


Vabeen Plum: 12 tasty flavors, 12 colors with gradient design.

Vabeen Plum Lite: 10 well-selected flavors, 10 gradient colors.



The Vaping Experience

Loaded with a newly upgraded vaporizing solution, Vabeen vape devices can offer unparalleled taste experience in the disposables. Both Plum and Plum Lite adopt Honeycomb-structure VFEELING coil, combined with hydrodynamics airway design, generating smoother and dense vapor, delivering great taste and exceptional vaping experience.


Plum & Plum Lite: with VFEELING coil and hydrodynamics airway design to provide excellent vaping experience.


Leak Resistance

For vapers, leakage is a common and troublesome issue with vape devices. But Vabeen devices will make you worry less about that. Both Plum and Plum Lite have three-layer silicone sealing loop structures to help resist leakage, which keeps your device clean and sanitary. You’ll never worry about leakage in your mouth and belongings.


Plum & Plum Lite: Three-layer silicone sealing loop structures to prevent leakage.



How to Choose: Plum or Plum Lite?

Now that we have reviewed both the Vabeen Plum and Vabeen Plum Lite, perhaps you are still wondering which device is best for you? Both devices are integrated design and adopt self-developed VFEELING technology. Plum has larger e-liquid capacity than that of Plum Lite and it will last longer days. Compared with small-capacity Disposable vapes, Plum is economical and eco-friendly due to the throw-away character of disposable e-cigs. They are a great option for new vapers and people who are looking for a new vape device.         




Plum is Vabeen’s first vape device with PCTG unibody and 12ml e-liquid capacity. You can choose between 11 flavors and 11 colors. Each flavor is corresponding to a color.

Plum Lite is Vabeen’s newest vape device with stainless steel body and 10ml e-juice capacity. For Plum Lite, you can choose from 10 well-selected flavors and 10 colors.

Both of them can use longer days, far more than other disposable vapes on the market. So Plum or Plum Lite, it’s up to you.



More About Us

As an emerging e-cigarette brand, VABEEN attaches great importance to the sensory experience of vaping devices, specializing in the research and development of cutting-edge vaping technology and products. Based on the real user experience, our design team has carefully created VABEEN products with innovation and technology to cater to the taste requirement of different people, aiming to create a pleasant sensory enjoyment for users. All products Vabeen sold have been approved by FCC, CE, RoHS certificates, and so on.