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plum max
on 07 May 2022 2:48 AM


Vabeen, a popular and innovative vape brand, has announced the launch of the new product Plum Max, a prefilled disposable vape pod with 15ml of nicotine salt e-liquid in 5% strength, which will last up to 6800 puffs for 12-15 days of usage. This can be a good option for daily use, traveling, or trip. Plum Max currently is the largest-capacity vape product at Vabeen and holds 25% more e-liquid volume than Plum.   


“With continuous innovation and improvement, we want to create a device that can bring a new experience to the global adult smokers. The Plum Max features upgrades in capacity and technology. It has the new generation of vaping technology and leak-resistant technology inside. ” Said Johnathan, the product director of Vabeen. “ To ensure the premium quality and superior performance, 50+ testing were done on the Plum Max in the entire process from R&D to production.”


The Plum Max features a brand new VFEELING core technology developed for flavor chasers. The coil can maximize the vaping efficiency of e-liquid to deliver the ultimate taste experience and pleasant MTL vaping. It is draw-activated to release smoother and purer taste. Additionally, it uses improved leak-proof technology to prevent leaking and trap the condensation. With storage cotton technology, the e-liquid can be securely stored without leaking or flooding.


Plum Max is the lightest vape in high-capacity disposables and only weighs 48g. Measuring 107.4mm in length and 25mm in diameter, the Plum Max is easy to grip and feels great in your hand. With a metal ring decorated in the body, it adds some aesthetics. Plum Max comes with a 400mAh built-in battery and is built with a Type-C port for easier and faster charging. It can provide all-day vaping after being fully charged. Portable size allow it easily to fit into your pocket and carry around with you. There are available in 15 great flavors, including Menthol, Energize, Strawberry Cream, Cool Lemon, Crème Cigars and more.


About Vabeen

Vabeen is an innovative vape brand. We hope to bring a more pleasant, healthier vaping experience to global adult smokers with cutting-edge technology and innovative vape devices. Our slogan is “Vabeen Feeling, Refresh Anytime”. We are committed to building premium vape devices to provide the ultimate sensory experience for you. These devices can give you extraordinary feeling from look to touch, and from flavor to vapor aroma, refreshing your spirit for a better day.