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vabeen plum pro
on 28 Aug 2022 11:05 PM


Vabeen is an innovative and energetic vape brand, and it has already released 7 different disposable vapes. These range from smaller disposables that are pre-filled with 2.5ml of e-juice, to larger disposables that are pre-filled with 18ml e-liquid or even more. The PLUM PRO is their latest disposable and it’s also a long-lasting disposable that increases the e-juice capacity to a whopping 15.5ml. This will last you up to 7000 puffs.

Vabeen’s PLUM PRO disposables come available in 15 different flavors and in 20mg(2%) or 50mg (5%) of nicotine strength. They also have a 550mAh built-in battery that can be recharged through a Type-C cable.

A big feature of the PLUM PRO is that it comes with an airflow control system that can adjust the airflow intake for a looser or tighter MTL draw, depending on your preference.




E-liquid Capacity: 15.5ml

Battery Capacity: 500mAh(Type-C)

Output Power: 11W


Coil Resistance: 1.2Ω

Nicotine Salt: 2%/5%

Puffs: Approx. 7000

15 Flavors



Design & Build Quality

The PLUM PRO has a different design from other disposable vapes that I’ve ever used. The device has a round and short cylindrical shape, making it look so cute. It’s 35mm in diameter and 81.7mm tall and it’s also very lightweight. That being said, carrying one in your pocket is going to be noticeable so you’ll probably need a bag. But the size makes it feel really great in my hand. Once you are holding it, you’ll love it.


Each PLUM PRO comes prefilled with 15.5ml of e-juice. And Vabeen states that each one should last for up to 7000 puffs. They come in 20mg(2%) and 50mg(5%) of nicotine strength, so these are a perfect option for those looking to quit smoking, no matter you are light smokers or heavy smokers. These also have a 500mAh built-in battery which recharges through a Type-C port on the bottom of the device. Thus, it has no issue delivering a satisfying flavor until the e-liquid runs out.


I particularly like the look and feel of the PLUM PRO. It’s pretty eye-catching. The main body is very glossy and the shape allows you to grip it naturally. The dot array design creates a starry visual effect that I never experienced before, making it look and feel awesome. There are fifteen colors available for the PLUM PRO. The color of these disposables is a gradient that fades from one color at the bottom, up to a similar color towards the top.

The mouthpiece on the PLUM PRO disposable is rounded shaped and was comfortable to use. There is a rubber sealing the mouthpiece, which can prevent dust and leaking. And I have not had the e-juice leaking from the mouthpiece during my testing.


The PLUM PRO comes with a 1.2Ω VFEELING coil that is self-developed by Vabeen. They claim that this VFEELING technology can deliver a consistent and rich flavor from the first puffs to the last. And I think the flavor on the device is surely excellent.


There is a white LED indicator on the bottom of the device that lights up when you are taking a draw. It isn’t very bright and is fairly discreet for me if that is something you are concerned about.



Getting started

The PLUM PRO is draw activated and there are no buttons. Like other disposables, what you should do is put the mouthpiece into your mouth and draw to begin vaping. It’s easy enough for beginners or experienced vapers to use.


The PLUM PRO features an airflow control switch on the bottom of the device. It’s very easy to set where you want it. The switch can allow you to adjust the draw from a tighter MTL draw to a looser MTL draw. Although the PLUM PRO features an airflow control system, the fact is that it’s a typical mouth-to-lung vape regardless of its setting. 




Pre-filled with 15.5ml e-liquid for up to 7000 puffs

Lightweight for the capacity

500mAh battery and Type-C charging

Adjustable airflow

Nice flavor and good throat hit

Compact and stylish

No leaking, no performance issues

15 flavors to choose from




The PLUM PRO disposables are available in 15 tasty flavors, including Menthol, Strawberry Ice Cream, Blue Razz Ice, Lush Ice, Tropical, Mint Tabacco, Energize, Banana Ice, Watermelon Ice Cream, Double Apple Ice, Strawberry Pomegranate Mojito, Wine Ice, Grapefruit Grape, Cotton Candy, and Pineapple Orange Passion Fruit. No matter what flavor you like, you can always find what you want.



Vabeen’s PLUM PRO is one of the longest-lasting disposable on the market. It is an attractive option because it holds 15.5ml e-liquid that can reach up to 7000 puffs. Besides, you can adjust it from a tight MTL draw to a loose MTL draw. The flavor is great, and the throat hit is also very nice, which is about as much as you can expect from a disposable vape. And the recharging function can ensure that it lasts down to the last drop of e-liquid.


On the other hand, the disposables are very comfortable to hold. And there are a great many flavors to choose from, most of these flavors are my love. All in all, if you want to switch to vaping from smoking, PLUM PRO is a perfect choice.