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vabeen flex
on 01 Nov 2021 2:35 AM



FLEX is the latest disposable vape pen released by Vabeen, a brand built for taste. The FLEX is a beefed-up version of the FLEX NANO. Each vape pen comes with 4ml capacity of nic salt and a 700mAh battery, with 10 nice flavors available to choose from in 5% nic salt. If you are looking for a beginner vape, this one may be a great option for you.


It is specially designed with a built-in filter and soft silicone mouthpiece, which makes it outstanding in all disposable vapes. The built-in filter can filter e-liquid, condensate and other impurities, creating a much purer and safer vaping experience. Additionally, it also tastes good. The Vabeen FLEX could provide around 1000 puffs, which should last you about the same amount of time that three packs of cigarettes would last you.


Flavors: aloe grape, sour apple, strawberry banana, honeydew punch, blue razz, strawberry cream, peach mango watermelon, pineapple ice, menthol and lush ice.




E-liquid Capacity: 4ml

Battery Capacity: 700mAh

Output Power: 8-9.5W

Resistance: 1.3Ω

Puffs: Approx 1000


Size, weight, and feel

Nowadays, disposables are increasingly popular around the world. But most look the same. The Vabeen FLEX is the first disposable vape pen I have seen with such a glossy body, solid hand feel and nipple-like mouthpiece. It’s as slim as a cylindrical vape pen.


Another highlight of the Vabeen FLEX beyond others is the specially-designed mouthpiece, making it distinctive in the disposables. It’s made of soft silicone that makes for comfortable draw and provides nipple softness and security. Much more comfortable than drawing on a hard rectangular form.


To distinguish the Vabeen FLEX from each other flavors, all 10 flavor options have different colors. And each flavor corresponds to its color. It is non-rechargeable and hassle-free. You can throw it out when the e-liquid runs out.


Vabeen FLEX lasts longer than most other disposable vapes due to its larger liquid volume and larger battery capacity.


Getting started

FLEX is an easier vape to use. It comes prefilled with e-liquid and the battery is fully charged. You just need to take it out of the package, put it into your mouthpiece and take a puff. There is no need to refill or recharge it. When the vape device stops producing vapor, just disposable it in the trash. It is reported that the FLEX vape pen will last you for around 1000 puffs, which could provide two to three days of vaping, and possibly much more, depending on personal usage.


The FLEX comes with a silicon plug to prevent dust from entering. When I get the device, it didn’t have any leaking or flooding, and it delivers smooth and pure flavor from the first puff.


How does it hit?

The Vabeen FLEX has a pleasant MTL draw. The vape device can fire quickly with no spitback. As you draw on the mouthpiece, there is a LED at the bottom of the FLEX that glows white. And you’ll feel very comfortable and soft when the mouthpiece is put in your mouth.


I received a 5% nicotine device. The throat hit is satisfying and comfortable. The vapor volume is fairly dense in disposables and the taste is very awesome. We haven’t had any issues with overly harsh hits, nor dry or burnt hits, and it offers a pleasant vaping experience. 



The FLEX comes filled with 4ml of 5% nicotine salt and is available in ten great flavors, including aloe grape, sour apple, strawberry banana, honeydew punch, blue razz, strawberry cream, peach mango watermelon, pineapple ice, menthol and lush ice. Most of them are fruit flavors. If you are a fruit e-liquid lover, you will definitely like the choices. Of course, the nicotine strength can be customized for special regions.


The flavors I tries were pineapple ice and strawberry banana. I like eating pineapple and I also like pineapple flavors. It tastes like a pineapple smoothie with crushed ice, and the cooling is kept at normal levels. Sweet but not overwhelming, if you like pineapple this flavored one is a must-try. The strawberry banana flavor blends two fruit flavors – strawberry and banana. This is a great and cost-effective fruit vape. It can keep the balance between the sweet, cooling or other aspects. This is one of my favorites and an easy recommendation.




Built-in filter

Soft silicone mouthpiece

Pleasant MTL vaping experience

4ml e-liquid capacity(approx. 1000 puffs)

700mAh internal battery(non-rechargeable)


Excellent flavor and vapor production(VFEELING coil technology)

Metallic texture or glossy

10 flavor options




All in all, the Vabeen FLEX is a very nice MTL disposable. With 10 tasty flavors to choose from, you can enjoy different taste experiences. The large e-liquid capacity and overall battery life can give a long running time. It is stated that the FLEX can last for approximately 1000 puffs. I am not very sure it is exactly true, but the FLEX has lasted at least two days. The FLEX feels great in the hand and the mouthpiece is soft in your mouthpiece. It tastes much better than the disposable vapes that I ever used. No burnt hit, and no dry hits.

So if you’re looking for a really quality disposable with good taste and flavors, we recommend you try the Vabeen FLEX.