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flex nano
on 06 Nov 2021 1:28 AM


The Vabeen FLEX NANO is a disposable vape pen that is designed with a soft silicone mouthpiece and a built-in filter. It’s also available in ten good flavors.


This is the latest vape device by Vabeen, a brand built for taste. These disposable vapes are very easy-to-use and pocket-friendly, ideal for beginner vapers or someone who want something simple and portable.


FLEX NANO Disposable Vape Review

FLEX NANO is a sleek and cute disposable vape pen. It is specially designed with a built-in filter and soft silicone mouthpiece, which makes it outstanding in all disposable vapes. The built-in filter can filter e-liquid, condensate and other impurities, creating a much purer and safer vaping experience. The soft silicone mouthpiece can provide nipple softness and security, giving you a comfortable draw when inhaling.


Each vape holds 2.5ml of nicotine salt e-liquid and will last for around 500 puffs. They also have a large battery to ensure they can last longer than similar disposable vapes.

It’s draw-activated and there is no button or any setting, making it very easy to use. And it does not need to be refilled and recharged.


The Look and Feel

The FLEX NANO disposable vape is so small that it could be almost stealthy in your closed hand. Perhaps just the mouthpiece can be seen. The main body is made from premium stainless steel, and the exterior is highly polished and comes in a variety of different colors. It has rounded shape and smooth surface, which feels great between the fingers. In addition, the mouthpiece is made from soft silicone, making it soft in your mouth. Much more comfortable than drawing on a hard rectangular form. 


Vabeen FLEX NANO comes with prefilled e-liquid and a fully charged battery. It is the easiest vape on the market. After taking the vape out of the package, you can put it into your mouth and then take a draw. Once it stops producing vapor, you can throw it into the dustbin.


Vapor and Flavor Production

These disposable vapes adopt new organic cotton coil technology, which greatly increases the capability for e-liquid storage and transmission without leaking or flooding. The e-liquid can be instantly vaporized to deliver great throat hit, smooth vapor and softer, purer taste.


They do not produce as much vapor as box mods or pod mods, but they can bring an excellent flavor experience.


The Difference Between FLEX and FLEX NANO

This disposable vape has smaller size and capacity than the FLEX.

The FLEX NANO comes prefilled with 2.5ml of nicotine salt e-liquid and packs a 400mAh battery. Each one will last for around 500 puffs.

The FLEX is prefilled with 4ml of nicotine salt and will last for approximately 1000 puffs. These vapes pack a 700mAh built-in battery, ensuring that they’ll last down to the last drop of e-liquid.

Besides, they have similar look and feel, and both of them perform well.


Flavor Options

There are ten excellent flavors to choose from, including aloe grape, sour apple, strawberry banana, honeydew punch, blue razz, strawberry cream, peach mango watermelon, pineapple ice, menthol and lush ice. If you’re a fruit e-juice lover, you’ll like it very much. For mint lovers, they can also find their favorite flavor. And some must-try flavors are their strawberry cream, pineapple ice and menthol disposables. Of course, choosing which flavor depends on personal preferences.


Safety Features

When it comes to safety, you don’t have to worry about it. These disposable vapes feature overtime protection, short-circuit protection, low-voltage protection, and over-current protection, which can prevent accidents and keep the user safe.