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on 23 Jun 2022 10:35 PM


Product intro and specs

The FLEX PRO is a hassle-free disposable vape rated for 2500 puffs. It’s made by Vabeen, a young and energetic vape brand that gain popularity among vapers with the longest-lasting PLUM series.

The disposable device features airflow control, but it’s a standard MTL vape. Another big highlight is the soft drip tip that offers a more gentle touch in your mouth. It holds 7ml of nicotine salt e-juice that comes in 20mg or 50mg nicotine strength. There are 15 flavors, the majority of which are fruit flavors, it also has menthol flavor and mint tobacco flavor.


Flavors: Raspberry Watermelon, Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry Cream, Menthol, Blue Razz Ice, Watermelon Ice Cream, Tropical, Philippine Mango, Blue Razz Lemonade, Sour Apple Ice, Grape Ice, Honeydew Pineapple Orange, Peach Ice Cream, Rainbow, and Mint Tobacco.




15 Flavors

Prefilled with 7ml of e-juice

Rated for around 2500 puffs

Adjustable Airflow

850mAh Battery(non-rechargeable)

Soft Silicone Mouthpiece

2% or 5% Nicotine Salt Strength




Build quality and design

I’ve used FLEX disposables in the past that are slimmer and shaped like a pen. Similarly, the FELX PRO is a solidly made and well-built disposable vape. The body is made of metal with metallic primer and a rubberized finish. It is really comfortable to grip in your hand. The FLEX NANO has solid gorgeous color and is colored according to the flavor inside. The drip tip is rounded and made of soft silicone, which gives you a comfortable inhaling in your mouth. There is a rubber to prevent dust from getting into. And I have not had the e-liquid leaking from the mouthpiece of any units during my testing. The device is labeled with a Vabeen logo on one side and the flavor on the same.


They feature an airflow control switch on the bottom of the device that can be held in hand to play with. There are 11 air holes on the bottom of each one which allows you to precisely adjust for a looser or tighter MTL draw. It has a white LED indicator on the bottom of the device to let you know the battery charge and it will light up whenever you take a draw.


Each FLEX PRO disposable comes prefilled with 7ml of e-liquid and houses a built-in 850mAh battery, which can provide you with approximately 2500 puffs; 150% more than the FLEX series. They are available in 20mg or 50mg nicotine salt strength. Just like FLEX Series disposables, the FLEX PRO is non-rechargeable, but the battery life can enable you to run out of the e-liquid. It is a perfect option for traveling, trips or daily use.



How does it hit?

Like Vabeen’s FLEX disposables, FLEX PRO also sits a comfortable nipple tip that is more gentle in your mouth. The biggest highlight is that the FLEX PRO features airflow control. So you can enjoy a looser or a tighter MTL draw by adjusting the airflow controller. The taste is smooth and pure, and it’s exactly what I expect from a disposable vape. They deliver a satisfying throat hit. These disposables are rated for 2500 puffs.

When I received them, these disposable vapes can work normally, and they have not malfunctioned or misbehaved. Moreover, I have had no leaking from any of these disposables during the time that I’ve been using them.



Are the flavors any good?

As you can probably see from Vabeen’s other disposables, these flavors are fruity and juicy but blended to be more than one-note flavors. The FLEX PRO is available in many of the same great and tasty flavors as the PLUM MAX. Some flavors to try are Raspberry Watermelon, Strawberry Kiwi, Mint Tobacco, and Sour Apple Ice, etc. There are 15 flavors to choose from, and you can always find what you want.


Strawberry Kiwi

An evenly balanced blend of strawberry and kiwi, you can’t go wrong with this flavor. It’s very fruity and just sweet enough. Both flavors are equally as strong and I taste the kiwi and the strawberry on both the exhale and the inhale.


Grape Ice

Great grape flavor and just a touch of cooling are what this flavor brings. The flavor is natural and doesn’t taste artificial at all. If you like grape flavors this is a nice choice.


Sour Apple Ice

This is probably the flavor that I’ve vaped on the most. It’s a nice apple flavor that isn’t overly sweet. The flavor is accurate and natural and also very smooth. I highly recommend this flavor if you like apple vapes.


Philippine Mango 

Typical mango flavor but done much better than most. It is good enough to vape and comes with a mango aroma. The sweet is at the normal level. If you like mango vapes, try this one.



The FLEX PRO by Vabeen is one of my favorite disposables. What I like about the FLEX PRO disposable is its adjustable airflow, soft nipple mouthpiece, tasty flavors, hand feel, etc. I’d prefer to take these with me when out and about.

I had no issues whatsoever with the FLEX PRO. No whistling, burnt taste, no leaking, or anything of the sort that’s often present in other disposables.

Whether the FELX PRO lasts as long as 7 ml of e-juice last I am not sure, and there’s no real way I can attest to the puff count being accurate or not, but it certainly lasts me around a week. That’s awesome.

Overall, the FELX PRO is a good choice. It works well, vapes well, looks and feels well. Currently, there’s not much negative I can say about it, besides there is no e-juice window to show the e-juice level. Strongly recommended.