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flex air
on 17 Aug 2022 1:57 AM


Product intro and specs

Flex Air disposables are ultra-thin box-style disposable vapes made by Vabeen. Vabeen has designed and made a couple of different vape products and all of them are disposables, with closed pod systems also included. I recently received the Flex Air disposables and I thought that they were really excellent. They last longer than most disposables, the flavors are very good, and they worked without any issues.


Vabeen’s Flex Air disposables are an upgraded version of the Flex series. They are loaded with a whopping 12ml of 5% nic salts, triple the capacity of the Flex. Despite the size, the Flex Air is really an MTL device, delivering a smooth MTL vaping experience.


Flavors: Blue Razz Ice, Strawberry Ice Cream, Watermelon Ice Cream, Mint Tobacco, Grape Ice,  Menthol, Orange Soda, Cotton Candy, Red Apple Ice, Mango Passion Fruit, Mango Peach Guava, Raspberry Cherry Lemon, Orange Soda Cookie Ice, Grapefruit Kiwi Ice, Tropical.



47mm width x 23.7mm x 81.56mm height

Up to 5,000 Puffs

Prefilled with 12ml of e-liquid

20mg and 50mg nicotine strength

500mAh rechargeable battery

Type-C charging port


15 flavors


Build Quality and Design

Flex Air is a compact box-style disposable vape. The device has a height of 81.56mm, a width of 47mm and a depth of 23.7mm so they are relatively larger than general disposable vape pen such as Flex and Plum Lite. But it can nicely fit into your pockets and you’ll have no trouble carrying it around with you. Flex Air is also very lightweight, and only weighs X grams. At the same time, it feels really great in the hand and looks so cute.


Each one comes prefilled with 12ml of e-liquid in 50mg nicotine strength. They are ideal for heavy smokers who are looking to quit and make the switch to vaping. Flex Air claims up to 5000 puffs from each one, and you can vape each device for around 2 weeks. It takes over 2 weeks for me to finish the Flex Air as I am not a heavy smoker.


The entire body is made of plastic but looks quality. It’s all white and has no edges at all. The brand logo is printed on one side of each device, with the flavors and corresponding fruits printed in the corresponding color on another side. So it’s very easy to tell apart which flavor the device is. The mouthpiece is flat to perfectly fit between your lips, and it is made of soft silicone material. It is very comfortable to vape on and I love it very much. The color in the mouthpiece is corresponding to the device’s flavor.


Overall, the design and build quality of the Flex Air is truly good. I particularly like how cute they are. I like holding it in my hand to play it. The comfortable soft mouthpiece, creative LED lights, and longevity are highlights of these disposables.


Battery Life and Charging

Flex Air comes with an internal battery listed at 500mAh, and the Type-C port is located at the side of the disposable vape so it can stand up while charging. Battery life on this device will vary depending on your vaping habits. It can last a full day on a single full charge.


On the flat, both sides of the device you can find the specially designed LED Light indicator. They are very different from what I have ever seen from a disposable vape pens. These LED lamps will light up when you take a draw as if plenty of shooting stars across the sky. It’s bright so they are very funny to use when you’re in dark.


Getting Started

Like all disposables, there’s nothing really to know to get started. Just remove it from the packaging, take off the rubber plugs, put the mouthpiece into your mouth and vape. The rubber plugs can be discarded or used to keep contaminants like dust, lint, or other pocket debris from getting into the mouthpiece.

Also, the device can be recharged via Type-C. The device’s LED light will light while charging.



There are plenty of flavors to choose from. Most of their flavors are fruit flavors. There are also beverage or mint flavors. Since there are 15 flavors, I am going to take some of them for this review.


Grape Ice  

This flavor is so tasty. It’s sweet, but not too sweet. The strong aroma of grapes lingers on your tongue after you exhale. It is one of the best grape disposables I’ve ever used.



It’s a nice mint flavor and it’s refreshing to vape on. This is like a stick of fresh mint gum. I love mint-flavor things.


Orange Soda

Easy to identify but a bit simple in flavor. Moderate cooling.


Watermelon Ice Cream

Natural tasting watermelon with a sweet cream taste. A summer flavor, and the taste is good.



The Flex Air is very cute, and I really love it. The design is very nice and it gets a big difference in appearance from other disposables. It is a box-style MTL device but not as bulky as a box mod. It’s compact and lightweight, and can nicely fit into the palm of your hand. I also like the soft mouthpiece that is comfortable to draw.


I am impressed with the longevity of the Flex Air. This is one of the longest-lasting disposables vape I’ve ever used. They come pre-filled with 12ml of e-liquid and are available in 15 different tasty flavors. It claims that you’re set for up to 5000 puffs. I am not very sure, but I remembered that I vape this device for over a week. The battery life can support a full day, and it is easy to charge via a Type-C port. Most importantly, the taste is smooth and the flavors are all very tasty. I think it’s one of the best options for a beginner while also meeting the needs of a more experienced vaper.