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on 02 Mar 2021 9:19 AM

Vabeen today announced the release of first vape pod system, the Plum, bringing unprecedented vape experience to the smokers around the world for a better, healthier and easier alternatives. The pod device is very friendly to new vapers. And users can experience the function and design of the device at a reasonable price.


Vabeen brand is born for the taste. The Plum features Vabeen’s advanced technology in vapor quality, taste, and product design, including internal structure design and appearance design. With over 1000 days spent in the survey of user experience, the Plum shows Vabeen’s capacity to continually innovate the product experience. The Plum begins sales in March 2021 in selected markets and fully launches in late March 2021.


“The Plum presents our focus on technological innovation and user experience. I take pride in the entire Plum team for creating a premium pod device, with aesthetic design in ergonomic way, and with superior technology to deliver better taste which is the Vabeen seeking for. Finally, our goal is to provide a better alternative to smokers who want to quit but can not, giving them a healthier vape way. We believe it is budget-friendly for users to experience the features of the Vabeen.” Vabeen’s founder said.


The Plum combines an optimal vaping experience with exquisite workmanship, advanced technology. The key features that the vape pod device provided is the taste, which is much better than its competitor in the market. Taste is just the beginning, overall experience is the everything. R&D team at Vabeen lab spent massive time and conducted countless experiments to bring a amazing taste feel. What is more, the Vabeen lab found the secret of ultimate taste by conducting constant tests. This is VFEELING INSIDE.


Compared with regular disposable vape devices, the atomization area is increased by 4 times and e-liquid can be heated up uniformly; the absorption rate of e-liquid is creased by 17%, providing optimum e-liquid volume without leaking; the heating time is quicker, increased by 13%; the coil has longer life span, and the flavor is much better and pure.


The internal structures enhance the vaping experience: with patented leak-proof system to prevent e-liquid from leakage, with carefully designed vapor production system to deliver dense clouds and excellent and lasting taste, and with isolation system to keep the flavor stay longer without easy deterioration.


Vabeen Plum comes with a USB charging cable, allowing you to connect it to computer, wall charger to charge the device. The device can be fully charged in 2h, and the battery can last for a whole day which depends on personal usage.


All aspects of the Plum are designed to provide the users with ultimate experience in taste. Meanwhile, the ergonomically rounded-shaped body and bright colors give you visual and touch enjoyment. It fits the users’ palm with complete comfort, and it can hold ultra-large capacity of e-liquid to allows it to last for a week, which make it very competitive in similar products.


The design of Plum has been improved through 50+ experiments and testing to ensure leak-resistance and premium quality. Besides, Vabeen has submitted multiple patent applications, which is mainly about its leak-resistant design, vaporizing technology, and appearance, etc.